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Let’s talk! 話 hanashi – Kanji believe it

We need to talk… not really! but here are the readings for the Kanji used in to talk, 話す (はなす), with examples, you know, how we normally do it here at Game Grammar. 

As usual, let’s break this guy down! it’s mainly composed of two Kanji, to say, 言う (いう) and tongue 舌 (した), so “to talk” or “story,” “discussion” makes perfect sense, because when you talk, you are saying things and making use of your tongue to do so. Notice how mouth, 口 (くち), is in there twice, because it’s part of both Kanji, but it is written smaller as part of 言う (いう), it’s like that in the talk kanji 話 (はなし), and even when they are all alone, take a look at them side by side 言舌, and now look at them as one Kanji 話, radicals make things better, don’t you think? less to memorize.

はな・す はなし



話す (はな・す) – to talk, tale

今(いま) 彼ら (かれら) は 日本語 (にほんご) で 話して (はなして) います
They are speaking Japanese right now.



話 (はなし) – a story, a talk.

This is a Kanji that, when seen all by itself, is meant to be read as the stem for the verb 話す (はなす), 話し (はなし) that is, unless it’s part of a grammar element, like “I want to say” would include the し as normal, 話したい (はなしたい), other than that it’s very common to see it without the “し”.


私 (わたし) の 話 (はなし) を 聞いて (きいて) 下さい (ください)
Please listen to what I have to say (literally “please listen to my story”)


会話 (かい・わ) – Conversation

会話 (かいわ) しましょう
Let’s have a conversation.


英会話 (えいかいわ) – Conversation in English.

あの人 (ひと) は 英会話 (えいかいわ) が 上手 (じょうず) だ
That person is good at having conversations in English.


神話 (しん・わ) – Myth

日本 (にほん) の 神話 (しんわ) は 面白い (おもしろい) です
Japanese myths are interesting.


神話(しんわ)から 伝説(でんせつ)へ
From Myth to Legend (That’s the subtitle of Gradius III, BTW)


One more Kanji, and hopefully this one will help you memorize “to say” 言う (いう), and “tongue” 舌 (した) any questions, doubts or if you just want to say “hi”, drop us a line, we’ll be glad you did!.

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