About Us

Game Grammar is a Youtube video series whose goal is teaching Japanese grammar by playing through videogames and analyzing the grammar clauses in their dialog. Game Grammar was started by Argenis Rosal (director, writer, video editor) who with the help of Tavi (Japanese consultant, writer), Thomas Reeder (Narrator, writer) , and Romer Rosal (graphic design) launched their first video in December 2015.

We started covering Pokemon LeafGreen first, but we’re working on expanding to other game series soon. For the moment, they’re a secret to everyone! 皆には内緒だよ!

The Japanese language is a beautiful thing to learn, and we think it’s worth studying, not only because it allows you to understand games that were never released outside of Japan, but because it allows you to connect with more people who are both learning 日本語 or are native speakers.

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