The Japanese Pokedex Project: Snorlax / カビゴン - Learn Japanese through video games!

The Japanese Pokedex Project: Snorlax – Learn Japanese through video games!

Yawn! While we eat some food, while laying down comfortably, let’s analyze the ‘dex entry for everyone’s favorite lethargic Poke! Snorlax of course.

As voted for by our Patrons, the next entry we break down is Snorlax’s, known as カビゴン in Japan.

Living a comfortable and simple life, we learn the inside scoop of the origins of its name in Japanese. While a little Kid Icarus trivia makes an appearance

List of grammar in this episode:

  • 2:16 The ~ で after a noun as a comma
  • 2:25 ~ ては of a verb, it means “once something is done”, or “since it’s done”, it could also show a sequence of actions
  • 2:41 ~ だけ “only does…” “just does…”
  • 3:46 ~ていく in stem form, an action that will be completed sometime in the future, in the stem form to act as a comma
  • 4:46 ~てしまうAn action done in its entirety, often carries connotation of regret
  • 5:00 ~らしい looks like, it appears, it seems. It follows a noun, adjective or verb in simple form

It’s always nice to learn Japanese with your favorite Pocket Monsters!

Download this episode’s vocabulary in Anki flashcard and CSV formats! Remember that you can vote for the next Pokémon to be featured on The Japanese Pokédex Project if you are a Patreon supporter!

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