The Japanese Pokedex Project: #150 Mewtwo

Mewtwo: The Japanese Pokedex Project (LeafGreen)

This time, we feature Mewtwo’s LeafGreen Dex entry on The Japanese Pokedex Project, as voted for by our supporters on Patreon!

We gave our Patrons on Patreon the choice of Pokemon to feature on The Japanese Pokedex Project, and the first one they chose was Mewtwo, the genetic Pokemon.

It was born after years of dreadful genetic experiments by a scientist, most likely one called Mr. Fuji, if Pokemon Emerald is to be believed.

There is not that much new, but it’s always good to review grammar you already knew! We see the return of a verb in simple past form that is modifying another verb, the difference between the word 結果けっか (which means “result,” “consequence”) and 効果こうか (it means “effectiveness,” “result”).

Download this episode’s vocabulary in Anki flashcard format and CSV format!

We saw 効果こうか in episode 16 of our Pocket Monsters LeafGreen playthrough, so we felt it was necessary to establish the difference between those words. We hope you find it useful!

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