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The many readings of one 一 ichi – Kanji believe it

When learning new Kanji, you may have seen the different possible readings it can have, here we show you some common examples in sentences containing those readings. 

Where else could we start other than by the beginning! Here are the readings for It is one of the most essential Kanji there are, Japanese kids learn it early in school, and it is among the first Kanji people learning the language have to pick up. Good thing it’s the simplest Kanji there is consisting of only one stroke.

ひと-, ひと.

イチ, イツ



一人 (ひと・り) – One person, alone.
一言 (ひと・こと) – Few words.


もう 一人(ひとり) 来ました (きました)
One more person came (another person came).



一つ (ひと・つ) – Generic counter, one item or article.


一つ(ひとつ) しか ありません
There is but one ( there is only one)



一 – One

This is what the kanji reads like all by itself, not much to say.


スーパーマリオブラザス 3 は 私(わたし) の 一番 (いちばん) 好き(すき) ゲーム です
uper Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite game (literally my number one game)



同一 (どう・いつ) – Identity

Now this is a much less frequently seen reading for 一


クラーク・ケント と スーパーマン は 同一(どう・いつ) 人物 (じん・ぶつ) です
Clark Kent and Superman are the same person.


A common reading for not seen on the dictionary list is the reading on the first day of the month.


一日 (ついたち).


今日(きょう) は 一日 (ついたち) です
Today is the first (of the month)


Here at Game Grammar we’re hoping this first installment of Kanji Believe it has been helpful. That way you are less likely to get caught off-guard with a reading for this character when taking the JLPT or just simply going through text. Of course you are not very frequently gonna see that reading “イツ” for 一、but I bet it feels much better to know all the readings for this Kanji that the dictionary tells you exist.



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