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The Japanese Pokédex Project: #004 Charmander (From Pokemon LeafGreen) – Learn Japanese with video games!

We’re now analyzing the grammar present in Illustrated Encyclopedia entries! Starting with Hitokage! We’ll be comparing the Japanese text to the official English localization of Charmander’s Pokédex entry in order to help you learn Japanese!

As you may already know, Charmander’s JPN name is Hitokage in Japanese. In this episode we take a look at where its name came from, and learn some vocabulary related to this Pokemon’s behavior. Did you know that steam comes out of Charmander’s tail in the rain? It might be dangerous for its tail to get wet, though!

But the JPN entry says 煙, which stands for ‘smoke.’ Why does it say that? How can a flame emit smoke? It doesn’t make sense to us, but we have the answer in the video! Be sure to check it out!

We also learn a bit of miscellaneous vocabulary coming from the Pokemon electronic encyclopedia itself!

Learn Japanese with Hitokage’s Pokedex entry – The Japanese Pokedex Project

Download The Japanese Pokédex Project: #004 Hitokage’s Anki Deck here.

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The Japanese Pokedex Project is a side series of Game Grammar’s Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen playthrough that teaches the language of the Land of the Rising Sun by looking at the grammar as it shows up on-screen and we go through the game. We hope it is helpful in your quest to learn Japanese!

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