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The Japanese Pokedex Project: #007 Squirtle / Zenigame (From LeafGreen)

In this episode, we take a look at the Japanese Pokedex Entry of Squirtle / Zenigame, and compare it to the official English translation!

This time on The Japanese Pokedex Project, we’ll take a look at the cutest turtle Pokemon’s JPN Field Guide entry in order to learn more Nihongo grammar! It’s Squirtle’s turn! remember that its name in its original country is Zenigame! We learn some turtle-related vocabulary, like “shell,” “shooting bubbles from the mouth,” you name it! It’s all there! Trivia time! Did you know that real turtles’ shells are actually soft when they hatch from their eggs, and eventually harder into a tougher shell? No? Well, now you know! And knowing is half the 勝負! Game Grammaaaaaaaar

And as usual, we’re comparing it to the official English translation and see if anything has changed!

Download the vocabulary from this episode in Anki format here!

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The Japanese Pokedex Project is a side series of Game Grammar’s Pokemon LeafGreen playthrough that teaches Japanese by looking at the grammar as it shows up on the Japanese Pokedex entries of different Pokemon and we go through the game. We usually refer to the Dex as “Pokémon Field Guide” because 図鑑, the word they use for it, is also the term for field guides like the one Charles Darwin wrote.

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