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The Japanese Pokedex Project: #56 Mankey (from Pokemon LeafGreen) – Let’s Learn Japanese!

We take a look at the Japanese Pokedex Entry of Mankey, and compare it to the official English translation! Learn Japanese with us!

In this episode, we learn along with Tom vocabulary related to the Pokemon Field Guide. How do you say height in Japanese? How do you say weight? How do you turn an adjective into a noun? There is also how scary Mankey is. Never underestimate how violent a small and cranky little simian can be! Their temper is always bad and they fight over nothing. I wonder why!

Anyway, check out our take on the translation of the Japanese Pokedex entry of Mankey!

Get this episode’s vocabulary in Anki deck format here!

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The Japanese Pokedex Project was created as a side series of Game Grammar’s Pokemon LeafGreen play through that teaches Japanese by analyzing the game’s grammar as it shows up on the Japanese Pokedex entries of different Pokemon and we go through the game. We refer to the Dex as ‘Pokemon Field Guide’ because 図鑑, the word they use for it, is also the term for field guides, not unlike the one Charles Darwin made.

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